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Photo Services

Photo Repair & Restoration

We understand that out of all the services we provide, photo repair and restoration is the one that means the most to people. Often we receive photographs in a very fragile state, sometimes faded into almost nothing, sometimes in many pieces. It's our job to provide the best possible reconstruction of that photo for the customer.

We take great pride in our work, working on the pictures for as long as it takes to produce the best possible photograph. The greatest reward is the reaction from the customer when we show them the restoration, we have had smiles, laughs, hugs and some tears. We are very proud to say that everyone has left a happy customer, anything less and we wouldn't have done our job properly.

We have repaired photos with various types of damage including:

          • Creases
          • Missing corners
          • Fading and discolouration
          • Mold spots
          • Rips and tears
          • Water damage

          Photograph restoration. We have removed the green crayon, restored the ripped corners, repaired the cracks and corrected the colour cast.

          Photo restoration example. We have extensively restored this image which was in 27 pieces just about held together with sellotape!

Photo restoration example. This is a close up of the above restoration to show the detail we put into our photo restorationj work.

Photo restoration photograph restoration and enhancement

Water damaged photo restored and repaired

Photo restoration showing rips and tears and scratches This is the original version, as you can see there is a big tear directly down the middle of one poor chap.

There are also numerous tears across the rest of the image, including the middle gentlemans jacket, you may also notice a mark on the face of the seated lady on the right and general fading of the image.
Photograph restored fixed rips tears creases and scratches enhanced brightness and contrast  

 Damaged photo (stained, faded, creased) restored and repaired

Photo damaged with fading and cracks

It can be hard to see exactly how detailed our restorations are, be assured that we repair as many of the smaller creases and marks as possible whilst still keeping our prices competitive.

Please find below a close up view of the above image, the main area of damage to this photograph was where the protective finish had aged badly and started crinkling and cracking, as can be made out from the close up view below. It can be quite tricky to fix these problems as they create a fine mesh of damaged photograph over a wide area.

A photo restoration after cracking, staining and being scuffed

With our experience we are confident that we can repair the vast majority of problems, we are very pleased to be able to say that all our orders have turned out very successfully.

Photographic restoration example

As you can see from this above pictures, once we have restored a photograph, we can also enhance and even colour a black and white picture!

Please note the inscription on the bottom right of the previous image. One of the great things about our work is that we are very flexible and can accomodate a multitude of requests and requirements.

Photo was ripped, faded and stained. Ripped edges and creases were repaired

Photo Repair Pricing System

Please see our photographic pricing page for more information

                      Completion Times

Usually a restoration will take two to three weeks to complete, although this changes depending on how busy we are...if a speedy service is required we can usually accommodate it with an additional cost.

As well as restoring a photo we can enlarge or reduce it, add a border, incorporate special wording or even make a photo collage out of several pictures
If you have a request not mentioned here, please do contact us to discuss your wishes, we are very happy to complete one-off orders.

Photograph Restoration/Repair or Photographic Conservation?

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From our offices just outside Preston in Lancashire, we can provide photo repair & photograph restoration services across the UK. Why not contact us today and discover how our photographic restoration service can preserve damaged photographs, restore clarity to fading images and much more.