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Photo Services

Photo Airbrushing and Retouching

Photograph retouching and airbrushing is a technique that you will see the results of everyday in the flawless faces that look down on us from the magazine rack and billboard adverts.

Airbrushing or retouching is the process whereby photographs can be enhanced to remove unwanted elements of the image, most noticeably this is done on faces and bodies within a portrait or group photograph.

This service could be described as a digital makeover, although we're not sure if a real make over could ever be this good as the results are often far better than the real thing. We have removed winkles, spots and blemishes, scars, tattoos, stray hairs, teeth whitening, tan lines, thinning and much more.. Unsurprisingly a lot of our custom for this service comes from brides with their wedding photographs!

Digital slimming service!

Do you have an unwanted double chin on your photographs or is the camera showing a bulge that shouldn't be there? We have the solution, our digital slimming service can airbrush away the excess pounds to create the perfect you!

Photo airbrushing slimming effect


Photo airbrushing for spot removal and tired eyes

We have some samples below showing what we can do when we remove blemish marks such as acne scars, spots and blemishes.

Photo airbrushing example. We have enhanced the photo by airbrushing out the piercing, dark circles under the eyes and lightening the whole photograph.

For the above image we have, airbrushed away the lip piercing, removed the dark circles under the models eyes, enhanced her eyes so they really stand out and lightened the picture so it looks brighter and clearer.

Photo airbrushing to remove spots

Photograph airbrush example. For this picture we airbrushed out the spots, veins in the eyes, braces and corrected the colour cast on the whole photograph.


New service - tattoo removal!
Our tattoo removal service is especially popular with mothers who love a portrait of their son or daughter but really aren't keen on their latest piece of body art.

It is also very popular with brides who don't want their tattoo showing on their wedding photographs.

Photo airbrushing tattoo removal service

Photo airbrushing tattoo removal digital enhancement


New service - we can also airbrush out unwated piercings!
As with the tattoo removal, this service is very popular for people who have a lovely photograph they want to give to their family but don't want to include facial piercings in the image.

Piercing removal photo airbrushing comparison


New service - social networking photo enhancements and airbrushing!
Are you wanting a nice picture of yourself to show the world on Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Yahoo or on many of the other social networking sites that are available?
We can now offer a service especially designed to enhance profile pictures! We can:

  • Remove other people in the frame
  • Enhance the colours if they are washed out
  • Remove background detail
  • Remove red-eye
  • Remove shinyness on the face
  • Straighten and whiten teeth
  • Enhance smiles

Airbrushing services can also be used in more fun applications...changing hair and eye colour, changing of body shapes and even swapping heads onto different bodies! This can be a great humorous gift for a friend!

If you have had an inspiring thought but don't have the skills necessary to achieve it, why not contact us and see what we can do?