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Photo Restoration, Audio & Video Transfer Services

Photo First Aid is a leading provider in the digital preservation of photographic, audio and video media. Using our specialist knowledge and top of the range equipment we have been able to help companies of all sizes as well as the individual in the preservation and enhancement of their media.

What we do:

  • We restore and reprint damaged photographs
  • We airbrush portraits and any other photo to remove unwanted blemishes etc
  • We enhance photographs to help them to appear as they did in the mind of the photographer when they were taken

Example of photo restoration - original tattered image is repaired and enhanced

  • We provide a range of scanning and archiving services for many types of slides, negatives, polaroids and prints of all shapes and sizes
  • We archive cassette tapes, dictaphone tapes and vinyl recordings to CD and improve the sound quality by reducing or removing the static hiss and pops associated with older recordings
  • We transfer, edit and archive video footage from a wide range of sources, outputting to DVD and Blu-Ray disc
  • Our printing services are second to none, offering outstanding prints in a range of custom sizes and papers to suit each customers needs
  • We offer an image and data retrieval service for when memory cards fail or are accidentally deleted.

A selection of photographic, audio and video media which we deal with

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