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Charity Work

Welcome to our charity page! We want to help charities as best we can and at the moment we are supporting the RSPCA Preston and District branch.

RSPCA Preston


They are a superb small charity who take in all manner of abandoned animals and crucially don't put them down after having them for a short time, they recently rehomed a dog called Troy who had been at the centre for three years!

Despite having the RSPCA name they receive NO FUNDING from the national RSPCA, it all has to be raised locally and that's why we want to help.

What are we doing to raise money?

We are raising money by donating our expertise in photo enhancement. You send us a photo that’s too dark, or is a funny colour, or had red-eye any number of other common complaints and we’ll restore it completely free of charge as long as you donate at least £3.00 to RSPCA Preston and District for each photo we enhance! Want to send us more than one photo? No problem just donate at least £3 for each picture that you send and of course the more you can donate per picture or if you think what we've done is worth more than £3.00 please do top up your donation - remember it's ALL for RSPCA Preston and District!

Our goal is to raise £658 which will pay all their expenses for one day.

You can donate at Just Giving <- click that wording to be taken straight there and then email your photo to

Very important - you must put your name on the donation. If you donate anonymously we won't know who has donated so won't know which photo to enhance!

See below for some of the pictures we have enhanced, we can:

  • Remove red-eye
  • Enhance dark photos
  • Remove colour casts
  • Sharpen images
  • Reduce noisy images (to an extent)
  • Generally make poor pictures look far better
  • We can also make good pictures look great!




Photo enhancement to bring out the colour
Photograph restoration to enhance the details
Photo enhancement
Photo restoration to fix the colour
Photo restoration to enhance the picture