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Audio Transfer Services

We love audio, and from the comments and enquiries from our customers, you do too! The problem is technology has moved on and as we move into the digital age it's becoming harder and harder to listen to the technology of yesterday - but we can help.

Audio Transfer (Vinyl Records, Dictaphone & Cassette Tape Transfers)

We have invested in high quality audio transfer equipment that will allow us to transfer all your own recordings onto CD for easy listening. We even offer an audio enhancement service where we can reduce the background static hiss and pops that are associated with older recordings.

We are able to transfer a multitude of recording types including Cassette tapes and Vinyl Records

We transfer all our audio onto the highest quality Verbatim CD's to give the best possible playback.

We are able to transfer a multitude of recording types using the following services:

We can even edit audio, so for example we can put the best bits of five cassettes onto one new CD.

We also offer a custom design service as part of the package. We can print any message you would like onto the CD cover and the disc itself for that extra special touch, especially if it's a present for someone, we can even print pictures onto the disc!

For very special occasions we can also create an audio CD with a lightscribe cover, this is a gold coloured CD which has the image literally burned into the gold disc, it's looks very professional and is perfect for that special CD.

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