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Photographic Restoration Enhancement and Airbrushing Pricing

We calculate our prices differently to many other photo restoration companies - we will quote a unique price for each job when we have seen how much work will be required.

You wouldn't expect a builder to charge you a set amount for constructing a wall, it all depends on the size of wall, the materials used, and any difficulties that may be encountered such as uneven ground. The same is true of photographic restoration, each order is unique and will be treated as such when it comes to a quote.

Sometimes a photograph can only have one tear in it but if it goes through a complicated section of photo it can be difficult to repair and will cost more. There are also often hairline cracks and scuffing that deteriorate the quality of the image and will show in a reprint.

Similarly a seeming heavily damaged photograph can be repaired quite quickly if the damage isn't in critical parts of the photograph such as faces etc.

      We can provide quotes for images in one of four ways:

                      • The photograph can be brought to us personally, as we can assess it there and then.
                      • The image can be scanned and emailed for us to look at, if the quality is sufficient we may be able to repair the digital scan without ever having to have the photograph!
                      • You can send us a digital photo of your damaged photograph, and as long as it is clear and close up, we should be able to give you an idea of cost.
                      • You can send the image through the post (we recommend by special delivery in a well packed, preferably board backed package) for us to examine. If for any reason you choose not to have the photograph repaired we will return it to you by first class recorded delivery totally free of charge.

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