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Scanning Services

35mm Scanning Services

Our 35mm scanning service is suitable for everyone, amateur and professional alike, please see the sections below for more information which is relevant to your needs.

Archiving old photographs
If you are looking to have decades worth of old photographs scanned before they deteriorate too much then you have come to the right place. We have great experience in scanning and transferring old negatives and 35mm slides onto DVD for easy viewing on a computer, having prints made, or even watching a DVD slideshow on the TV!

Old negatives and slides can suffer from a number of problems caused by age, such as:

  • Dirt and debris building up on the image.
  • Scratches or other general damage
  • Colour tints on the original, such as the image turning a shade of red or blue.

These problems can be caused by a number of factors, including the age of the image, poor storage conditions, the images getting a lot of use and any number of other factors.

Happily we are able to correct the majority of problems to produce the best possible reproduction from the original image.

Our scanners have sophisticated software inside that allows them to pinpoint where the dust and scratch marks are and remove them without affecting the quality of the image.

We are experts in enhancing images that have deteriorated over the years. Where the colour has changed, our equipment allows us to use a combination of automated and manual processes to produce the best possible colour restoration from a picture that has in essence 'gone off'.

35mm Scanning for Amateurs
Scanning high quality, backup onto DVD, photo slide shows, detail from shadows
With most of our staff being amateur photographers and working with amateur photographers for many years we understand what they want from their images.
We find that amateurs are passionate about their photography, generally knowing their equipment inside out and how to get the best from it. Your photographs are precious to you, and whether they have sentimental value or not each one is important. You may not have the inclination or lifestyle to turn pro but you value your photography just as much.
Amateur photographs can relax when their images are sent to us for scanning and archiving. We use the same equipment, and scan to the same standard that we would for professional photographers, employing the same systems of checking colour accuracy and sharpness to produce the best possible finish.

35mm Scanning for Professionals
Professional photographers demand several things from an archiving service:

  • Quality
  • Accuracy
  • Knowledge
  • Speed

We understand professional photographers requirements and are able to accommodate their needs accordingly.

All our 35mm work (slide or negative) is scanned using Nikon Coolscan 5000 scanners, superb quality machines that can produce an image at 4000dpi (over 50MB without interpolation) and utilise digital ICE 4 for the best possible improvements in dust and scratch marks, discolouration, grain reduction and shadow enhancement.

We use Adobe Photoshop with colour profiled monitors, scanners and printers for any additional work such as editing or printing that may be required.

All our work is archived onto professional quality DVDs, either Verbatim or Datawrite Titaniums, and we can print any wording you require directly onto the disc surface for easy reference.

Large Orders
If you have a large volume of images to scan we can scan them directly onto other media such as USB pen drives or onto hard disk drives.
Should you require a quick turnaround service this can certainly be arranged, but we would ask that you contact us first so we can make sure we are able to complete your request on time.

We have a greal deal of experience in film scanning, and have scanned negatives and slides for many professional photographers and companies. We are currently working with AGCO Corporation scanning their entire European archive of images, numbering around 100,000 negatives and slides of all formats. The images will then be used in printed publications, on billboards and websites so quality is paramount and has to be totally consistent from start to finish.

Please note if you are a representative from a company needing an image library digitising we have some more information at the bottom of our medium format scanning page.

We are also creating a dedicated website for large volume scanning. It is called and is currently in development.

What's included in the price

Unlike many of our competitors who charge a lower basic price and then charge for extras, we charge just two prices - one price for a basic scan, and one price for the enhanced scan, the differences are outlined below.

What's included in the basic scan?

For the price we will:

  • Scan every negative or slide on our Nikon Coolscan 5000 scanners for absolute quality and clarity in each image.
  • Scan every image at 4000dpi (unless otherwise requested)
  • Save every image in either JPG or TIF format (both formats can be requested for an extra charge)
  • Auto focus each image, it takes us a little longer but ensures absolute sharpness for every picture.
  • Scan each image individually - we never batch scan anything! Batch scanning is quicker and the technician can be working on another order while the scanner is trundling away, but then who is checking the slide or negative for sharpness and colour accuracy? We work on each image one at a time, it certainly takes us longer but you can be assured of consistent, accurate, top quality results every time.
  • Remove black borders around each image. Amazingly some of our competitors charge extra for this 'service' which we think is a bit of a cheek. Different types of slide have differing proportions and needs to be worked on individually to ensure the mount isn't accidentally scanned which creates the black border, this is part of successful scanning and certainly isn't a chargeable 'extra'.
  • Archiving the digital images to top quality Verbatim or Datawrite Titanium discs for long lasting storage.

What's included in the enhanced scan?

Our enhanced scans are the perfect solution for images that suffer from:

  • Dust and scratch marks
  • Colour shifts, the image has 'gone off' and turned a shade of red or blue
  • Grain is prevalent over the image
  • Underexposure - the image is quite dark losing a lot of detail
  • Saving the image to TIF and JPG format if requested

Our enhancement service allows us to pay special attention to each image that is in need of care, and using a combination of the excellent ICE4 technology that is incorporated into the Nikon Coolscan 5000s and careful Photoshop skill we are able to retrieve and improve on the original!

Please note that if your images are very damaged, or torn the image may require restoration which will be charged for separately.


Type of Film
Basic Scan
Enhanced Scan
35mm negative
35mm slide
APS Film (per image)

Please note we have a minimum order value of £10.

We will be uploading samples showing the difference between basic and enhanced scans very shortly, please keep checking back!